The Sounds of Half-Life: A Place in the West

Michael Pelletier on Wed Feb 12 2020.

Hey gang,

As you may have noticed Steam is hosting a sale on its soundtracks from now until February 14th! This is in part driven by Valve’s desire to decouple soundtracks from their base games, allowing them to possess their own store pages. Once we’ve completed the remakes of Chapters 1 and 2 we’ll be doing the same for both (and any future) volumes of our soundtracks.

In the meantime, they are both available at a discount – check them out here and here! Both volumes were lovingly crafted by the hugely talented Chris Jolley, who has written a blog post over at our website on the creative process.

The track listings are as follows:

[b]VOLUME I[/b]
1) New Franklin Part I (2:33)
2) Amb I (1:33)
3) Modern Major General (4:44)
4) Missing Children (New Franklin Part II) (4:28)
5) Amb II (1:38)
6) The Ubdisha Part I and II (6:50)
7) This Winter (2:49)
8) Amb III (1:36)
9) Ghosts (4:14)

[b]VOLUME II[/b]
1) The City Dreams (3:55)
2) Kempinski and the Abyss (5:04)
3) The Pit (5:21)
4) Dr Cloven (3:48)
5) The Opposition (3:25)
6) Checkpoint Alpha (4:30)
7) The Abyss Stares Back (4:50)
8) Control (Long & Sejal) (4:42)
9) The Scientist & The Artist (Leyla & Hadley) (3:27)

We hope you love these tracks as much as we do. They very much embody the world of our story.

We’ll check back in with you all soon as the remakes gather in pace – Chapter 1 is complete, and 1.5 is soon to follow. And they’re looking mighty special.

Mike and Ross