Quick Technical Update

Michael Pelletier on Thu Oct 31 2019.

Hey gang,

I just wanted to give a quick update on a couple tech things that have come up within the last few days!

As you may have seen already, MacOS Catalina has come out and dropped support for 32-bit mac applications. There are also some other changes under the hood where apps require Signing, now, which is why A Place in the West is currently listed as incompatible with Catalina - we have a 64-bit mac build, just not the signing.

I updated my mac to start testing my fix for this, and in doing so, unexpectedly ruined my ability to build the application for other operating systems. Our current build process uses Wine to create the executables for Windows and Linux, and Wine - as a 32-bit program - is not compatible with Catalina. And, of course, this came up at the same time as a bug where one of the achievements is not accessible.

SO, here's the plan.

1. I'm going to set up a different mac with the ability to compile the app, and get out a fix for the achievement, ideally on Saturday.
2. Once that is dealt with, I am going to fast-track an app rewrite that I've been planning for a while. The bulk of what we have I wrote 3 years ago(!) and I can make improvements across the board.
3. Once that is all resolved, I'll turn my attention back to a proper fix for Catalina.

I would like to also take this opportunity to remind everyone that A Place in the West installs do come with the PDFs for each chapter in your Steam Apps / A Place in the West directory.

If you are someone who uses Catalina and are outraged at this process of events, please do let me know! I am not sure how many people have actually upgraded. And please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and I very much appreciate your patience during this time.



Update Nov 2nd: The issue with the achievement should now be fixed!