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Chapter 7 Update (and a new Discord server!)

Michael Pelletier on Wed Mar 03 2021.

Hey gang, We just thought we’d give you a quick update since it has been a bit. We’re about to hit the halfway mark on Chapter 7: The Dark Between the Stars, which puts us in a comfortable position to release sometime in June. At 38 pages it’s a larger chapter than most, but that’s befitting the sco...

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The Lunar New Year Sale is here!

Michael Pelletier on Thu Feb 11 2021.

Hey gang, Happy New Year! We’re hoping you're all safe and well, given last year’s less than stellar global performance. Steam’s Lunar New Year event has just started, which means all chapters, including both soundtracks, are now on sale! As you likely know we have remade the first two chapters of t...

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2020 Comes to a Close

Michael Pelletier on Tue Dec 22 2020.

Hey folks, It’s time to ring in the end of the year. And what a year it has been. For us, it saw the completion of our plans to remake Chapters 1 and 2 of our comic, which we successfully released last week. It was an enormous relief, and we’re very excited to start making some real headway on our s...

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Remakes of Chapters 1 and 2 released - and more!

Michael Pelletier on Wed Dec 16 2020.

Hey gang, We’re extremely excited to announce that the remakes of Chapters 1 and 2 have finally arrived! This release features many things, not the least of which is Chapter 1: Following Portents, Interlude 1.5: The Vortessence, Chapter 2: A Very Modern Major General, and Interlude 2.5: The Hand of ...

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Celebrating our Anniversary

Michael Pelletier on Wed Sep 30 2020.

Hey gang! Today is our anniversary. It’s been exactly four years since we launched on Steam. Where that time’s gone we can’t quite say for sure, but we think we’ve used it well: six chapters, not including the remakes, and several interludes, bringing us just shy of the halfway mark in A Place in th...

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Steam Summer Sale and Update on the Remakes!

Michael Pelletier on Thu Jun 25 2020.

Hey gang, Just a quick update from us as we head into the summer. As ever we hope you’re all keeping safe and well. As you know, the bulk of our efforts this year have been spent remaking Chapters 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5. Right now we’re approaching the halfway point in Chapter 2’s production, which like...