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Chapter 7 Released!

Michael Pelletier on Mon May 24 2021.

Hey folks! We’re very pleased to announce that Chapter 7: The Dark Between the Stars has been released. It marks the halfway point in our story and features 38 pages of all-new artwork by Kristian Rossi, Ester Salguero, and DC Hopkins. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26319859/45459fa073332b225ea02924fb54bf033c41...

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Achievements Currently Disabled

Michael Pelletier on Sun May 23 2021.

Hi all, We wanted to give a quick update because we know a few people have been having trouble unlocking achievements over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, there appears to be some kind of problem with the library that we’re using where it sometimes(?) can’t seem to load the proper files. W...

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Chapter 7's Store Page is Live!

Michael Pelletier on Mon May 17 2021.

Hey gang! A super quick update from us: the store page for Chapter 7: The Dark Between the Stars is now live! We’ll be releasing this month, but in the meantime give us a wishlist! We can’t wait to release this! Mike and Ross

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Production on Chapter 7 is complete!

Michael Pelletier on Tue May 11 2021.

Hey gang, A short update carrying some very, very good news: production on Chapter 7: The Dark Between the Stars has been completed! We don’t have a precise release date yet, but our plan is to have it to all of you by the end of this month. We’re so excited with the completed product and it represe...

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Chapter 7 Update (and a new Discord server!)

Michael Pelletier on Wed Mar 03 2021.

Hey gang, We just thought we’d give you a quick update since it has been a bit. We’re about to hit the halfway mark on Chapter 7: The Dark Between the Stars, which puts us in a comfortable position to release sometime in June. At 38 pages it’s a larger chapter than most, but that’s befitting the sco...

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The Lunar New Year Sale is here!

Michael Pelletier on Thu Feb 11 2021.

Hey gang, Happy New Year! We’re hoping you're all safe and well, given last year’s less than stellar global performance. Steam’s Lunar New Year event has just started, which means all chapters, including both soundtracks, are now on sale! As you likely know we have remade the first two chapters of t...